Massage Therapies


Lori giving massage

Deep tissue massage

is a slow massage with firm pressure and long strokes that increases the blood flow into the muscles and helps release tension in them. This deep technique reaches deeper layers of the muscle and fascia and has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain. It also signals the nervous system to unwind muscle fibers that gives a sense of release of tightness. A majority of clients who experience deep tissue massage describe it as being “good pain”.

deep massage therapy

Sports massage

is a technique that improves athletic performance, prevents injuries and helps bodies recover from sport- related injuries. It is recommended for all active individuals who want to reduce pain and boost their performance. This technique is given before a sports event or afterwards as a form of recovery.

massage therapy
cupping therapy

Cupping therapy

is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method using vacuum suctioning cups that create localized pressure, which draws the blood to the surface of the skin area. This therapy penetrates deep into the muscle tissue and it triggers the lymphatic system causing it to release harmful toxins. It is used in conjunction with regular massage.