A manual, non-invasive body contouring technique that has been proven to offer measurable results.

It reduces mild lymph congestion and helps minimize cellulite

Zone 1

Hips, thighs, Buttocks

and Lower Abdomen

  • Diminish the appearance of cellulite in areas that tend to be problematic
  • Improve muscle and skin tone
  • Improve your posture and structure
  • Dimension lose is typical
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow to your lower body

Zone 2

Upper Abdomen, Back,

Upper Chest and Arms

  • Dimension lose in arms and abdomen area
  • Natural firming of bust area
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow to your upper body

Zone 3

Face, Neck and Head

  • Lift and tone sagging tissue in your face and neck with dramatic results

  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles

  • Improve skin tone and texture

  • This treatment is like receiving a “natural face lift”