Amino Neuro Frequency Disc Therapy (ANF)

Amino Neuro Frequency Disc Therapy (ANF)

Amino Neuro Frequency Disc Therapy (ANF)?

Amino Neuro Frequency Disc Therapy is a revolutionary holistic approach to pain and inflammation developed by Dr. Mikel H. G. Hoff. In hopes to address some invincible problems of the nervous system. The fundamental element of ANF is to remove inflammation.

How does ANF work?

ANF utilizes a circular patch – disc made of carbonated metal that holds frequencies (developed by NASA).  Each disc is applied directly on the skin and is activated by the body heat which releases unique frequencies through the neurons in the body. The body pics up these frequencies and starts the healing process.

What does ANF help with?

– Neck pain
– Back pain
– Nerve pain
– Acute and chronic pain
– Sciatica
– Stomach / intestinal issues
– Inflammation
– Migraine / headaches
– Muscle and joint problems
– Shoulder problems
– Carpal tunnel
– Tennis and Golfers elbow
– Arthritis
– Knee problems
– Sports injuries
– Unexplained pain
– Fatigue or stress
– Skin problems

ANF Therapy

Are there any side effects to ANF?

There is no side effect to wearing discs, however there can be detox symptoms during the treatment. For your body to heal it needs to eliminate waste products (toxins). How long the detox symptoms last and how unpleasant the experience will feel to you varies from person to person and how hydrated you are.  Staying well hydrated is a must! 1-2 glasses of water per hours and 1 glass of water after coffee / wine / beer.